Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yesterday I went to Harajuku for shopping. There were so many people in that town even it was a cold day. It was a last day of the sale at many stores. That is why.
I spent about 15000yen for my jacket.

shopping is fun only when I buy something.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Today I saw an animation about race. Actually, I didn't understand it completly, but I guess it was about how the battle of race happens. The charactors are circle head men and square head men. The story bigins with 2 square head guy were beating a circle head guy. Maybe this tells you what majority is and what minority is. And the guy who was been beaten escaped to the place his group stays. The square group start fighting back to the circle. The circle gatherd their team for back up. Then 2 groups meet and start fighting. As they fight, their shape changing, after all, their shape look all the same. Well, the story looks very simple, but in reality the problem of race is very comlicated. How did that problem happen and how can we do for it? Let's see... I don't know. For me, the problem is as if it was happening outside of my world. It's not very familiar to me. to be continue...

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